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Kat Arney

United Kingdom, Maidenhead
Founder and Creative Director
First Create the Media Ltd

About Kat

Dr Kat Arney is the founder and Creative Director of First Create The Media, a communications consultancy for people who do science.
She has worked with organisations including biotech startups, major pharmaceutical companies, academic institutes, universities and charities in the UK and beyond to help them find their stories and bring them to life.
Kat is an award-winning science writer, public speaker and broadcaster, and author of the popular genetics books Herding Hemingway's Cats and How to Code a Human.
After leaving the lab, Kat spent 12 years in the science communications team at Cancer Research UK, telling the stories of the charity’s science and scientists to the world. She co-founded the charity's ground-breaking Science Blog and podcast, provided comms and media training for researchers and acted as a principal media spokesperson on national and international TV and radio.

Speaker's Sessions:

1570792500 - 1570796100

'How To' Develop & Manage Your Corporate Reputation to Boost Value

A strong corporate reputation is a vital component of an organisation’s success, with financial analyst recommendations, CSR strategies, media exposure, industry collaborations and positive perceptions all helping to boost market value. Yet, many organisations ignore these aspects as they grapple with the more hard-edged, day-to-day urgencies – reputation is a long-term concept that is difficult to quantify.

One thing is certain, there is a high cost to pay for losing a good reputation and your good standing with stakeholders.  A smaller firm may be devastated by loss of reputation, so it pays to have a strategy in place outlining how you plan to build and manage your corporate reputation.

This ‘How To’ session will support you in doing just that, addressing the importance of positively promoting your organisation by highlighting your key assets; how to showcase your unique strengths when pitching for funding or entering into a collaboration, and the importance of understanding cultural communication differences when networking with investors and the wider industry. 

Our expert speakers will also cover:
  • Experience and information – how do others view you based on direct and indirect interaction?
  • Getting key stakeholders to perceive the company as credible, reliable, responsible and trustworthy
  • How do you develop a positive identity based on demonstrating consistent performance over a sustained period?
  • Leveraging stakeholder support for the firm in times of difficulty
  • Using reputation to generate sustained competitive advantage
  • The importance of key opinion leader endorsement
  • The role of social media in today's fast moving world
  • Managing your brand and ensure it is supported by stakeholder experience
  • In times of skill shortages, a good business reputation assists in employee recruitment, development and retention
  • Ethics – a firm that has an ethical reputation will engender positivity
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