Elgar Concert Hall
event_note Friday, 11 Oct 2019
query_builder 9:45 - 10:30
card_travel Panel Discussion
mic English
When pitching for investment the strength of the team is always given great importance, but how do you attract and most importantly retain the right talent for your organisation?

This panel will address the importance of factors such as promoting diversity, encouraging a healthier work/life balance, embracing flexible working, incentivisation (including EMI schemes), visa requirements for overseas staff, and creating a positive company culture for all staff. We will also address the importance of assembling an advisory board that provides balance to the skillset of your senior team, along with the benefits of collaborating with Big Pharma who can contribute skills and experience to your team and support growth for your business.   

Board recruitment, and more specifically, leveraging the right board members, should be among the most critical issues for any emerging company. The strength of an organisation and its ability to achieve its mission through smart governance, creative thinking, and fundraising is dependent on the board and those entrusted to lead it.

Critical board analysis should be employed to identify strengths of your current board but also identify gaps and the greatest areas of need. You may be surprised at what you find! Securing the right fit is vital for the health of your board and will impact your firm in myriad ways, not least overall organisational credibility which is crucial to securing investment from the financial markets.

Our expert panel will explain how to cultivate these relationships to ensure they bear fruit for years to come, as well as advice on:
  • Using relationships with current partners and friends of the organisation to help recruit new board members
  • Casting your net widely to unearth connections you didn’t know existed
  • Leveraging your networking activities to identify candidates
  • Defining and creating appropriate Roles and Responsibilities
  • How should board members be held accountable?
  • Dealing with disruptive board members
  • Being up front and transparent at the start of the relationship to avoid problems downstream
  • Recruiting a new board member provides the opportunity to hit the re-set button on the formalities around board standards
Bryan Morton
Executive Chairman
EUSA Pharma
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Paul Edwards
Managing Partner
Horton International Global Healthcare
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Peter Dines
COO and Head of Life Sciences
Mercia Technologies
star star star star star
Samantha Westgate
Perfectus Biomed
star star star star star
Tobias Kloepper
CEO & Co-Founder
Aigenpulse Limited
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