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1570804200 - 1570807800

'How To' Benefit from the Life Sciences Strategy - where next?

Our expert panel will facilitate a discussion around The Government's Life Sciences Industrial Strategy of 2017, identifying where improvements can be made, with the aim to advocate for a bottom-up, forward looking approach driven by a new generation of CEO’s and entrepreneurs, when the strategy is next re-visited.

The Life Sciences Industrial Strategy was significantly important in seeking to provide a long-term strategic roadmap for UK business. As we navigate the challenges of leaving the European Union, it is important we continue to make the domestic landscape as attractive as possible to drive investor confidence and energise inward investment.

Whilst some aspects of the strategy have been uniformly welcomed, such as the support for blue sky research and harnessing the use of data to benefit patients, there have been criticisms too.
The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee's report 'Life Sciences Industrial Strategy: Who's driving the bus? (26th April 2018)' raised serious concerns about the Government's commitment to delivering the strategy which has so far been "wholly inadequate" and recommends there should be sweeping simplification of its implementation arrangements.

The House also considered that in order to be truly successful the NHS must be a key constituent in the Life Science Sector Deal and be an active research partner, providing a market for the innovative treatments and diagnostics that the sector develops.

Join us and contribute your thoughts on the many challenges facing life sciences companies in making the objectives of the Industrial Strategy a reality, including:
  • How to deal with the shortage of talent especially STEM graduates
  • How to move the focus from Big Pharma to practical consideration that support SME’s, the future of the sector
  • What is the strategy for linking life science clusters all over the UK to create a national approach?
  • Does the national strategy provide enough practical support to SME’s to achieve their individual objectives?